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[ 18 déc 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Amnesty International protests arrest of 11 rights activists during China summit in Serbia

An international rights group has demanded the immediate release of 11 activists who planned protests against China at an economic summit in Serbia.

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[ 17 déc 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
China’s construction of high-speed railway link between Serbia and Hungary gets go-ahead

China has secured a deal to construct a high-speed train link between Serbian and Hungarian capitals that will cut travel time between Belgrade and Budapest from eight to less than three hours.

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[ 5 déc 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]

Serbia’s energy minister unwittingly illustrated the dangers posed by a cold snap as he toured an eastern region. Aleksandar Antic was saved by his…

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[ 2 déc 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Fears rife that Serbia returning to iron rule of Milosevic era despite EU goal

As nationalist hysteria gripped the Balkans a quarter century ago, Aslan Ballaj, an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo, did something unthinkable: He moved to Serbia to open a bakery at a time when people like him were increasingly seen as the enemy.

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[ 27 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Serbia’s striking lawyers rally as nearly 3 months of boycott blocked courts

Serbia’s striking lawyers are asking for European Union help to resolve a three-month old dispute with the government that has practically paralyzed the judiciary in the Balkan country seeking to join the bloc.

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[ 21 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Serbia to revoke citizenship granted to EU blacklisted Ukrainian media mogul and gas magnate

Serbia says it will revoke its citizenship granted to Ukrainian businessman Sergei Kurchenko, sanctioned by the European Union and wanted in his country on embezzlement charges.

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[ 19 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]

Police in north-western Bulgaria are investigating the deaths of four men from exposure near the Serbian border. The men were from Iraq and Syria.…