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[ 22 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Cheap Peruvian quinoa challenging Bolivian domination of market for the Andean ‘superfood’

International demand for quinoa continues to boom, and that’s fueling an increasingly bitter commercial feud between Bolivia and Peru, the two main producers of the Andean « superfood. » The fight pits hardscrabble, traditional organic growers mostly in …

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[ 19 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Ahead of climate conference, Peru sends police to crack down on illegal mining

Peru has sent 1,000 police into its southeastern jungles to dismantle illegal gold-mining camps, just weeks before the country hosts global climate talks.

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[ 14 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]

As part of a crackdown on the drugs trade in Peru, authorities have publicly destroyed five tonnes of illegal substances. The cocaine-based drugs…

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[ 14 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Peru judge orders Lebanese man, purported Hezbollah member, held 18 months for investigation

A Peruvian judge has ordered held for 18 months for investigation a Lebanese man who entered the country with false documents and who authorities say belongs to the radical Islamist group Hezbollah.

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[ 10 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
2 gunmen kill reporter for Peru’s leading newsmagazine

Two gunmen shot and killed a journalist for Peru’s leading newsmagazine who had been investigating contract killings in a province south of Lima.

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[ 3 nov 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Peru officials deny claim Van der Sloot stabbed in remote prison

Peruvian prison officials are denying a claim that convicted killer Joran van der Sloot was stabbed in the highlands prison where he was recently transferred.

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[ 27 oct 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
Peruvian families receive remains of 80 exhumed victims from 1980s dirty war

The small farmers came from remote mountains and jungle valleys to receive the exhumed remains of loved ones slain three decades ago during Peru’s dirty war.

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[ 23 oct 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
US returns ancient artefacts to Peru

The US returns about 20 ancient Peruvian artefacts – some more than 1,800 years old – that had been looted from pre-Columbian graves.

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[ 6 oct 2014 | Commentaires fermés ]
2 governor candidates win election in Peru despite drug-related probes

Two gubernatorial candidates under investigation in Peru for drug trafficking-related crimes have won election and two face runoffs after a nationwide vote for mayors, governors and municipal councils, according to unofficial results on Monday.